The BACH Eto

The BACH Eto demonstrates a refreshing combination of stability, speed and responsive handling. It is an easy going, forgiving boat but with the ability to glide through the most testing conditions and put a smile on your face. It is a sleek, modern, high performance sea kayak that will suit most tastes.

BACH ETO - In the Detail:
Hull: The BACH Eto is a high performance sea kayak for medium to larger size paddlers. The hull configuration gives high forward speed due to its long waterline relative to the overall length. The hull shape maintains good directional stability when moving but the flatter centre section and chined hull gives good manoeuvrability in confined spaces and tight turns. The Eto is designed to have neutral directional stability in most wind conditions and requires minimal use of the skeg.

The bow has good shape and volume to maintain a dry ride through choppy conditions. The buoyant bow is nicely balanced with the volume in the stern to give a gentle ride over large, steep waves. The volume in the stern also allows the Eto to accelerate nicely when catching a wave without the nose tending to bury. It surfs well, catching waves easily and then responsive but forgiving when riding the wave.

The fullness of the centre section gives confident and predictable edging with high levels of stability even when under an extensive lean. As the boat is leaned the stern progressively lifts from the water, making the turn progressively easier and quicker. When combined with the hull chines this gives a smooth and fast turning boat.

The cockpit rim is keyhole shaped with integrated thigh braces. There is a small hatch in front of the cockpit with a surprisingly large volume and in front again is a combined attachment point. This new feature allows you to attach a short tow line to be used either side, a paddle park or can be used as a security fixing.

The BACH Eto is fitted with the Rockpool Kayaks designed adjustable plate footrest. This is angled for a strong natural ankle position which allows the paddler to finely adjust their leg alignment. The cockpit rim gives a snug fit for the paddler which provides excellent feedback, demonstrated by the precise and crisp handling. Matched with the adjustable seat this places the paddler in a dynamic, comfortable and efficient position for paddling.

The combination of padded backrest and choice of seat widths makes the Eto a most comfortable kayak for extended use. The seats are moulded GRP shells which are adjustable front-to-back at 10mm intervals. There are hip pads that can be foam shimmed to fine tune hip fitment. The adjustable seat and footrest are mounted on internal hull fixings without drill holes. This relieves the cockpit rim and deck of unnecessary stress and provides a variable seat position for increased feedback to the paddler.

There is a new layout to the recessed deck fittings on the front which incorporates fittings to carry split paddles on either the front or rear deck. All deckline fittings are recessed for a neater, smoother look and to make life a little easier during rescue drills.

The appearance of the BACH Eto is of a sleek, smooth and distinctive kayak; one that is built to glide easily through both the rough and smooth.

"Overall the Bach Eto is paving the way for the
Redevelopment of the Rockpool fleet as they move into
Their next generation. I thought they had it right
Before but they have just made it better."

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